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Hello there

MakerSquare is a three-month full-time career accelerator for software engineering. By teaching computer science fundamentals and modern web languages like JavaScript, we prepare students to join top flight engineering teams.

Who hires our graduates?

150+ companies have hired one or more graduates.

What do we teach?

MakerSquare teaches a JavaScript-focused curriculum. Students learn data structures and algorithms, and how to build powerful web applications using modern languages, databases, libraries, and frameworks.

Our school prepares students to be highly technical, autonomous, and collaborative software engineers. As such, the curriculum is subject to change and will continue to evolve.

Interested in applying?

We’re looking for brilliant, hardworking people who are motivated to pursue exceptional careers in software engineering. If that sounds like you, we’re ready to help accelerate your career.

I see my life in two stages: before and after MakerSquare. It's more than a career change. I have more confidence, I'm a better learner, and I'm a happier person.

Shannon Byrne

Software Engineer

I came out of MKS with friends, mentors, and three job offers within a week after graduation. If you work hard before, during, and after the course, it works.

Kaoru Koashigawa

Software Engineer

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