We Create Developers

by teaching software engineering fundamentals

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Twelve weeks. Full-time. Software engineering focused.

February 24th
in San Francisco &

See what students and employers have said about us.

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We Create Developers

Twelve weeks. Full-time. Software engineering focused.

February 24th
in San Francisco &

New classes start every 12 weeks with approximately 18 students and a low student-to-instructor ratio. We're proud of the program we've created—see what students and employers have said about us.

Application Process

Amanda Contreras
Nick McDonnough
Shehzan Devani
Shaan Shah
Harsh Patel
Brian Patterson

You'll be in touch with our admissions team from the start. Once you submit your online application, and we determine that you're qualified, our Admissions Director, Amanda, will schedule an interview with you. We like to get to know our students so we can be sure your classmates are as hard-working, friendly, and hungry for knowledge as you are.

There are 5 components to the application process at MakerSquare. The entire process can take anywhere from 1 week to 3 weeks, depending on your background & programming proficiency. After the last step, you will be notified of a decision within a few days.

  1. Online Application (3 min.)
  2. Initial Interview (45 min.)
  3. Written Application (30 min.)
  4. Take Home Coding Challenge
  5. Technical Interview (45 min.)

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Gilbert Garza
Nick McDonnough
Shehzan Devani
Luis 'Pipe' Gutierrez

We focus on teaching proper software development. As a result, graduates have found jobs writing JavaScript using Angular, Backbone, and Ember, PHP, Java, Python and Django, as well as Ruby and Rails. In the first few weeks, you'll practice test-driven development & learn how to structure an app. We also teach a heavy algorithms component & how programming languages work under the hood.

Learn by Rebuilding
  • Create a CSS/Sass framework
  • Make a Ruby gem
  • Implement Sorting Algorithms
  • Build Google-style search autocomplete
  • Recreate jQuery
  • Build a JavaScript event system
  • Build a JavaScript templating system
Software Engineering Fundamentals
  • SOLID design principles
  • Describing Algorithm Performance with Big O
  • How Programming Languages work
    • Interpreters, execution order, memory, & implementing hashes
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Building Graph Databases & Clustering Databases

Want the syllabus?

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Career Services

Melissa Gadd
Savrut Pandya
Shaan Shah
Rachel Jenkins

During the entire program and after graduation, you'll work closely with Career Services. We discover job opportunities for you and send recommendations and resumes direct to employers. We take the time to learn about your goals and work with you one-on-one to find the most fulfilling job for you.

Of course, we do the practical stuff, too. We'll help you update your resume, show off your work on GitHub and a blog, and prepare for life as a developer. You'll learn how to negotiate salary, discover common interview questions, and take part in mock pair programming interviews.

We have successfully placed over 96% of graduates within three months, at companies of all sizes all over the country. Learn more about our placement rates in the FAQ.

  • Ibm
  • Paypal
  • Springbox
  • Rackspace
  • Wpengine
  • Spredfast
  • Spiceworks
  • Returnpath

“I see my life in two stages: before and after MakerSquare. It's more than a career change. I have more confidence, I'm a better learner, and I'm a happier person.”

Shannon Byrne
Software Engineer
Past Life: Marketing

“I came out of MKS with friends, mentors, and three job offers within a week after graduation. If you work hard before, during, and after the course, it works. Period.”

Kaoru Koashigawa
Software Engineer
Mass Relevance
Past Life: Photographer



Your tuition covers our low student-to-instructor ratio, development of curriculum, and all the career services benefits you receive. You can see how we compare to other dev bootcamps in this blog post.

Large and small organizations have successfully helped students fund their tuition through no-interest loans, or full scholarships. Be sure to ask about any financing opportunities during your admissions interview to receive the most up to date and accurate information.


So are we! New classes start every 12 weeks, so apply now and get started coding.

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If you have more questions, whether they're about applying, paying for tuition, or what we teach, we're here for you. Email us at hello@makersquare.com.