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Start by learning JavaScript CSS git Rails HTML jQuery RWD Heroku Ruby at night.

Ten weeks. Evening classes. In-person. Austin, Houston, or San Francisco.

Front-End Class

Build websites with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Ever wanted to build your own site, be able to collaborate with your developers, or create the website for your Dad's side business? The Front-End web development course will get you into the world of building interactive websites with industry standard technologies.

The class will focus on the theory and practical application of HTML & CSS and using jQuery & JavaScript to create interactivity. You'll learn real-world technology skills like Git, using the command line, and how to read technical docs.

You will work on exercises as well as larger projects, discover how to continue learning outside of class, and collaborate with your fellow students. The course culminates with a project that you pick, putting everything you’ve learned together to create a site you'll be proud to show off.


In 10 weeks, you'll be able to...
  • Turn sketches or mockups into HTML & CSS
  • Create functionality with JavaScript & jQuery
  • Build & deploy a website
  • Use Git and the command line
  • Communicate with developers
  • Build your own blog with Jekyll
You'll learn...
  • HTML structure, elements, the box-model
  • CSS, selectors, specificity, and floats
  • Mobile first responsive web design
  • JavaScript fundamentals
  • jQuery, plugins, and this
  • Git & GitHub for version control


Limited to 20 students. Classes begin every 10 weeks.

City Austin, TX Next Class Nov 24 Tuition $3,380 Apply

Monday & Wednesday from 6:30—9:30 pm

Take the original front-end class at our flagship location on Congress Ave in Austin, TX.


City Houston, TX Next Class Nov 25 Tuition $3,380 Apply

Tuesday & Thursday from 6:30—9:30 pm

We're excited to be expanding to Houston at the START coworking space.


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Back-End Class

Learn web application fundamentals with Ruby and Rails.

Got an idea for a new app, but don't know where to start? In our newest part-time course, we'll show you how to build functional web applications from the ground up. You'll set up your own development environment, learn how servers and browsers work, and get an overview of web app architecture.

You'll be introduced to Object Oriented programming with Ruby, learn Model-View-Controller patterns, and build and deploy a Rails app. You'll learn to use third-party APIs like Twilio and how awesome it feels to type git push heroku master to deploy your app to Heroku.

This course will significantly improve your understanding of how apps like Gmail, Twitter, or are built. The course culminates with a capstone application project, where you can finally bring your ideas to life.


In 10 weeks, you'll be able to...
  • Navigate new codebases
  • Understand web app architecture
  • Build & deploy a Rails app
  • Use Git and GitHub
  • Work with third-party APIs
You'll learn...
  • How browsers and servers work
  • Object Oriented Programming with Ruby
  • the Model View Controller pattern
  • Deploying Rails apps to Heroku
  • Data Modeling
  • Working with Databases & Associations


City Austin, TX Next Class Early 2015 Tuition $3,380 Apply

Two nights a week from 6:30—9:30 pm

Enroll in our very first back-end class at our flagship location on Congress Ave in Austin, TX.


City San Francisco, CA Next Class Early 2015 Tuition $3,380 Apply

Two nights a week from 6:30—9:30 pm

Enroll in our first back-end class at our new San Francisco campus in SoMa.


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Part-Time Class FAQ

I'm a beginner. Can I take these classes?

Yes! Our part-time courses are great for people who are new to coding. You'll do online prework to cover the basics. Classes start from the beginning, and while they move fast, you'll be able to work at your own pace.

If you have some experience coding, the part-time classes are perfect for you too. Your instructors are experienced developers who can tailor the experience to fit your needs.

What's the difference between Immersive and Part-Time?

The Immersive program is designed to help people switch careers and become software developers. In the Part-Time classes, you will learn web development skills far faster than you can on your own. The part-time classes also make an excellent starting point if you are unsure about making a career switch.

How much time will I spend working outside of class?

Classes only meet for 6 hours a week, and while we try to spend time in class getting our hands dirty in the code, there's a lot of lecture material to cover.

You should expect to spend a minimum of 4-6 hours a week working outside of class. The students who get the most from the part-time classes are the ones who spend the most time coding, so you get what you put in.